Corporate Sponsorship

The toilet of hope is with your company. By building a corporate image that coexists with the local community, we can increase the morale of local employees and have the effect of global social contribution (CSR).
For companies with future expansion plans are to be linked with the local community to ensure the business initiative.

Corporate Sponsorship Project

    [General Sponsoring]

  • Regular Donation(Monthly)/General Donation(One-time)
  • Build a corporate image that coexists with the local community and have the effect of global social contribution.
  • Donations are used for public toilet construction support projects in developing countries, international toilet culture exchange, and the operation of the secretariat.

[Project Sponsoring]

  • Public Toilet Construction Support Project (WTA Flagship Project)

    Cost USD 35,000 per one public toilet.
    When one company applies alone, it is possible to select the desired country and region. Multiple companies can support one place through cooperation

  • World Toilet Leaders Forum

    Invitational Education Program for Officials and Toilet Experts for Developing Countries to educate advanced toilet culture, facilities, and technologies.
    Cost USD 40,000 per one project(partial sponsoring available such as “Reception”, “Transportation”, “Souvenir”, “Tour” etc. or by partial amount.)

※ Sponsors are primarily invited to WTA events and are provided opportunities for corporate promotion.
※ Donation receipts will be issued to all sponsors when each donation is made.

Way to Making a Partnership

  • Support the Project
  • It takes USD 35,000 in constructing one building for a country
  • You can select the desired country and region if the project is sponsored by one company.
  • Several companies can cooperate to support one project
  • Support the World Toilet Leaders Forum
  • It takes USD 45,000 for once
  • Dinner and things can be sponsored by WTA(Please contact the WTA office)
  • Join the Annual sponsorship member
  • Donate a certain amount of money every month by a company name, it will be used for progressing project and operating WTA secretariat
  • Donation receipt can be issued
  • Corporate sponsor
  • Sponsorship inquiry
  • Contact number: 82-31-221-4051
  • Email :


Sponsored by Inquiry

  • Contact Number: 82-31-221-4051
  • E-mail: