World Toilet Leaders Forum

The key to improving toilets is EDUCATION. Without awareness, our goal of saving lives throughout the world cannot be accomplished. The main goals of World Toilet Association's educational programs are to show that inadequate toilet facilities are a serious issue worldwide, to persuade people that improving toilets can save lives, and to come up with collaborative solutions to toilet-related problems throughout the world. World Toilet Leaders Forum is annual event inviting toilet experts from all over the world. Forum regards on case study for various countries, discuss how to improve toilet culture all over the world, new technologies and idea share, field trip for the benchmarking etc.

  • Field Trip / Benchmarking

    Toilet Field Trips are designed to share Korea's Knowledge, experiences and the benefits gained from its 'toilet revolution'. Participants are shown exemplary toilet facilities throughout Suwon which is known for having the most advanced toilet culture in the world, Seoul and more cities in Korea. When visiting these pleasant and sanitary toilets, participants will see firsthand how toilets can be constructed and managed. In addition, we offer the opportunity to see the world-only toilet house 'Haewoojae', benchmark 'Beautiful Toilet' awarded by Korea Government, lots of high technologies and toilet cultures. There tours will help participants understand and experience how upgraded toilet facilities can contribute to improve the living conditions and quality of life in local communities. Toilet experts and policy-makers will give a commentary.

  • Training Programs for Toilet Management

    Continuous maintenance is crucial for ensuring the sanitary and pleasant conditions of public toilets. Toilet maintenance staff, managers and government officers need to be educated professionally, as well as consistently. We organize the training programs for them to get the latest information about various field of toilet industry, offer the tips for the toilet management and how to improve cultural awareness of citizens

  • Workshop & Seminar

    World Toilet Association holds workshops and seminars for the relevant expert and policy makers in public health. It is about global task for the world sanitation, support to the disaster area, eco-friendly toilet management and maintenance, etc. Also, share the toilet culture trend and discuss direction of improvement and its plans.

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The 5th World Toilet Leaders Forum
Date: November 3rd to 6th, 2018
Place: Suwon Haewoojae, Gyeonggi Area
Participants: 9countries 24ppl.(and 59 Koreans)
Programs : Opening Ceremony, Special Lectures, Welcome and Farewell Parties, Benchmarking-Field Trips, Seminar and Toilet Museum Tour etc.
Co-host : Suwon City
Sponsor : Industral Bank of Korea, Gyeonggi Province, Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Korea Toilet Institute, Mr. Toilet Sim Jaeduck Foundation, Korea Toilet Association

Special Lecture

1. Seoul National University Green Bio R&D Center, PhD. Ki-hee RYU - Water Resources and Sanitation
2. Toilet Museum Haewoojae ,Director Won-hyong LEE - History of Toilet Culture Movement
3. Suwon City Public Toilet Team Manager - Administrative Support from Local Government
4. UNIST Science Walden Jonas NYAMADOR - Science Walden and Feces Standard Money
5. Wish-Tech, YM-tech, Eco-way - Eco-Toilet
6. Clean Water Conservation Association, Vice- president Yeon-shik KIM - Homo+Toilet
7. Daelim University, Prof. Ki-won SUH - An Experimental Study on the Soil Water System Using a Variable Position Trap in a Water Closet System
8. Korea Toilet Institute, Director General Ui-hyun CHO -Human&Cultural Preferences

Field Trip

1. Dongyang Pron-Tech-Water Saving Toilet
2. Deok-pyeong Eco Service Area Smart Toilet
3. Interbath- Bath EXPO
4. Gyeonggi Province Water TF center(Paldang Dam)
5. Namyangju Piano Toilet
6. Seoul Metro Line 7, Konkuk University, Children Grand Park Station
7. Haewoojae Toilet Museum
8. Suwon Sewage Treatment Plant
9. Gwanggyo Central Park Toilet - Beautiful Toilet Tour