World Toilet Leaders Forum

Education is the most important thing for improving toilet culture. Without awareness, our goal of saving lives throughout the world cannot be accomplished. The main goals of World Toilet Association’s educational programs are to show that inadequate toilet facility is a serious issue worldwide, to persuade people that improving toilets can save lives and to come up with collaborative solutions to toilet-related problems throughout the world.

The program consists of the special lecture related to toilet such as ▲The methods of achieving UN SDG 6 ▲New technologies and ideas related toilet ▲ Future Toilet Trend ▲The sanitation situation of the world ▲ the importance and standard of toilet etc., the field trip that enable to benchmark the advanced toilet culture of Korea through site visitation and practices, and seminar that enable to disscuse the development and improvement of toilet culture through WASH case study.

Special Lecture
Seminar(WASH Case Study)
Field Trip
Post Tour(Toilet Tour)
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The 6th World Toilet Leaders Forum
(Concurrently held with the 1st Suwon International Sewage Treatment and Toilet Show)
Date: June 11th - 14th, 2019
Place: Suwon Convention Center, Haewoojae, Gyeonggi Area
Participants: 150ppl (40ppl from 10 countries, 110 Koreans)
Programs : Opening Ceremony, Special Lectures, Welcome and Farewell Parties, Benchmarking-Field Trips&Fam-tour, Seminar and Toilet Museum Tour, Exhibition etc.
Co-host : Suwon City
Sponsor : Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Gyeonggi Province, Korea Toilet Institute, The Citizen's Coalition for Restroom, Mr. Toilet Sim Jaeduck Foundation, Korea Toilet Association, Kintex