International Cooperation Project

The World Toilet Association, starting with the inaugural general assembly and toilet convention in 2007, is carrying out various cooperation projects to solve the problem of toilet, sanitation and hygiene.

Among sanitation & hygiene-related issues, information exchange and technical cooperation are carried out in order to promote the importance of toilets in particular and to create an opportunity to be recognized as a public domain. We are collaborating with various sanitation-related organizations such as governments, local governments, universities, research institutes, and local NGOs for WTA’s sustainable business model.

Recognized for its expertise in the toilet sector, including public toilet construction projects in developing countries, invited training for toilet experts in developing countries, and holding international toilet culture conferences, in 2019, it was reborn as an international NGO that acquired the UN Economic and Social Council special consultative status, and will continue to improve the poor sanitation environment. We will strengthen international solidarity for this.