The World Toilet Association continues to conduct research and academic activities on basic sanitary facilities and toilet facilities in each region of the world. This is for systematically research and accumulating toilet-related data, so that determine the appropriateness of the business, and provide policy advice based on this.

  • Research of Basic Sanitation Facilities Around the World

    From the 17 Sustainable Development Goals announced by the UN, the 6th Goal is 'Availability of Water and, Sanitation and Sustainable Management for All'. In order to realize this, it is a priority to secure detailed and accurate data on the actual conditions of basic sanitation facilities in each region. The World Toilet Association will continue to conduct systematic research on the world's access to toilets, culture of use, and the seriousness of living without toilets.

  • Public Toilet Standard Model Development

    80% of the people living without toilets live in Asia and Africa, and the majority are poor enough to have no personal sanitation facilities. Providing them with adequate toilets doesn't mean providing only facilities and equipment. It should be a continuously available toilet in the way the locals want it to. In addition, since each region has a different understanding of toilets, developing a sustainable toilet model taking into account these multicultural characteristics is an important part of the WTA research.

  • Priming Meeting for the Improvement of Toilet Culture

    We must embody universal values that all human being must have access to appropriate toilets and protection from disease. The WTA regularly organizes a forum for exchange of opinions with those who participate in the toilet culture movement to discuss, debate, and present various topics to improve the toilet culture.