World Toilet Association researches and gathers information related to toilet status in all parts of the world. These include the conditions of sanitation, environmental conditions, climate, culture, economy, policy, past governmental support, etc. This information is used to tailor appropriate our projects to specific regions, such as 'Public Toilet Building Campaigns' or other education and community-wide projects.

  • Research Sanitation & Toilet Status throughout the World

    We research and accumulate information about the basic level of sanitation and toilet status throughout the world. This information is essential in determining the regions in need of improved facilities, and measuring whether or not progress has been made.

  • Development of Toilet Models

    World Toilet Association believes that toilets must be tailored to the specific conditions, cultures, and needs of each community. This is the only way these facilities can be appreciated and maintained over time. After gathering information of the conditions of each region, we actively work with various experts to develop toilet models that are adequately suited to specific regions.

  • Eco-friendly Toilet Technology

    Improved toilet technology can help solve the problem of water shortage. We researches various technology which recycles waste or conserves the amount of water used by flushed toilets. Moreover, it studies how to construct toilet facilities without harming or polluting the environment.