Toilet Construction Support Project

Our main objective is providing access to those who suffer from lack of proper sanitation and toilets. The Public Toilet Building Campaign targets developing countries designated by UN in which the majority of the population lacks access to toilet facilities. Working in collaboration with governments, NGOs, respective toilet associations, or companies, World Toilet Association plans, designs, and builds toilets in the selected countries. Toilet facilities tailored to the climates, culture, traditions and level of income of the target districts, are built in public places such as tourist attractions, schools, and parks. The primary goal is to build facilities that can be continuously used and maintained by community. Representative groups may submit proposals on behalf of countries in need. Proposals and guidelines are available on our website.


  • 각 지역 위생실태 연구조사
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  • 실사단 파견
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  • 사업착수
  • 준공 및 사후관리
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Organization Institution:Laos Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism/ Luang Prabang Provincial Department of Information, Culture and Tourism
Completion Date: Nov. 30th, 2020
Project Area Project Detail
1. Area : Kuangsi Waterfall, Luang Prabang
2. Location : Kuangsi Waterfall, Luang Prabang
3. Population : 468,453
4. Number of Visitors(Yearly) : 4,353,962
5. Target User : Local residence and Tourists
6. Estimate number of User(Daily) : 950
1. Address : Kuangsi Waterfall, Thapan Village, Luang Prabang District, Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR
2. Building Status : one-story, 29.7m2
3. Public Toilet Manager : USD 31,500 (Suwon City)
4. Contact to Manager : Luang Prabang Provincial Department of Information, Culture and Tourism
5. Total Project Cost :
6. Toilet Construction Status :
Men's room: Toilet 2, Urinal 3, Sink 2
Lady's room: Toilet 4, Sink 3
Other: Disabled/Family-friendly1, storage 1
Fee : Free