2022 Welcome Message

Thank you for visiting the World Toilet Association’s official website.

Years after year, the global village is undergoing great trials due to the COVID-19 infectious disease, and the way of life is changing. The crisis still continues, and due to advent of Omicron, the expectation that a world without masks will come after this year has turned into waiting without promise.

However, what is clear is that the first step in daily quarantine in the midst of the corona pandemic was hand washing. It was a time when the value of water, sanitation and toilets became more precious.

Last year was the 14th anniversary of the foundation of the association, and the 5th board members’ election was held at the 5th General Assembly in November.

As for the support project for developing countries, we built two public toilets in Chinama Hills College Hospital, Lusaka and Katende Market, Chongwe in Zambia. So, now we have total 43 WTA public toilets in 18 countries.

This year, as for the public toilet support project, we plan to build public toilets in three areas through an open call for proposals. In addition, we will invite toilet officials to educate them on advanced toilet technology and have an opportunity to share toilet culture policies and practices from around the world.

The 12th regular board of directors meeting to be held in Zambia intends to provide an opportunity for the toilet culture movement to take a new leap around the world by raising awareness of the importance of toilet culture to the international community in parallel with the 7th International Toilet Culture Conference.

A proper toilet is the starting point that can change personal hygiene, change people's lives, and further change the world. For those who are suffering from lack of adequate toilets, the World Toilet Association will put forth ceaseless thought and effort. We ask for your unstinting interest and support.

Thank you.