Announcement of candidacy registration for the 6th WTA presidential election 2023-04-26
File: Applications for vacant positions of WTA President, Vice-president, Board of Directors and Internal Auditor - Google Forms.pdf

The World Toilet Association is an NGO that has obtained UN special consultative status, and is carrying out projects on public toilet installation support in developing countries, toilet supply in disaster areas, and international exchange and cooperation of toilet culture. The current WTA 5th President, Tae-young YEON (Vice Governor of Gyeonggi Provincial Government of South Korea), submitted a letter of resignation on April 24, 2023, and is scheduled to resign on May 23, 2023. Through an election on May 23, 2023, we would like to elect a new 6th President. Therefore, members who wish to run for the position of President, please refer to the information below and register as a candidate.

  1. Organization Name : World Toilet Association

  2. Characteristics of Corporation: NGO which obtained the UN ECOSOC Consultative Status, Established under Article 32 of the Civil Act of South Korea, Non-profit corporation under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior and Safety of South Korea, Non-profit Private Organization in Gyeonggi Provincial Government, and Designated donation organization of South Korea

  3. Date of Establishment: February 4, 2008 (Inaugural General Assembly on November 22, 2007)

  4. Organization: 1 president, 4 vice presidents, 10 elected directors, 4 appointed directors, 1 auditor (current president resigns within 1 month, 1 vice president, 3 elected directors, 4 appointed directors and 1 auditor are vacant)

  26 member countries (5 government members, 9 organization members, 8 association members, 102 individual members, secretariat-1 Secretary General, 2 staff)

  5. Major projects : Support for public toilet installation in developing countries, international exchange of toilet culture, NGO activities related to UN special consultative status, invitational training program for toilet officials in developing countries, international toilet culture conference, research on toilet standards, the MILESTONE MEETING for toilet culture improvement

  6. Schedules related to the election of the president and the inauguration

    - April 26~30 advance notice

    - May 1~5 candidate registration (online application)

    - May 23 Election at the 6th WTA General Assembly / WTA 5th President's Retirement and 6th President's Inauguration Celebratory Dinner

    - May 29 Corporate Change Registration (Change of President)

  7. How to register for the candidate  : Online application (Google form)

  8. Documents to be submitted

    - Refer to the attached application form (online application)

    - Attached documents: application letter, job performance plan, letter of recommendation, profile picture (JPG/JPEG 1MB or less)

  9. Note

    - English is used for online application

    - Inquiries: Won-hyong Lee, Secretary General, World Toilet Association Secretariat 

Attachment. Sample of application form

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