2024 call for proposals for public toilet construction support projects in developing countries 2024-01-01
File: 2024 Project Proposal Submission for Public Toilet Construction in Developing Countries - Google Forms.pdf

Link for online submission :

We gladly announce the 2024 call for proposals for public toilet construction support projects in developing countries. Please refer to the below details.

1. Project : Public Toilet Construction Support Project in Developing Countries

2. Duration : April to November 2024 (Construction Completion and Result Report should be done by the end of 2024)

3. Project Detail : We are soliciting proposals in the scale below.

- New Building (Big Scale) USD 40,000

- New Building (Regular Scale) USD 35,000

- Repair for Previous WTA Toilet USD 5,000

※ The project contents may be changed according to the budget.

4. Who can be qualified

: WTA Member, NGO, Central or/and Local Government, University or R&D Insititute, Public Institute, WASH-related Organization, etc.

* Non-members can apply for project proposal submission. Members are advised that they are given priority. But, once the organization is selected for the project, you should join WTA as a member in order to easier cooperate for the project.

* Individuals cannot apply, it must be an institution, and government agencies must be involved.

Proposal submission is only available online, email submission is not accepted. So, please prepare the contents first according to the questions in the link, and you should fill in the form through online. All documents should be written in English.

After the submission, you will get a confirmation letter of submission by email, if you do not get it within 5 working days, please contact the Secretariat. (

The Submission is accepted from January 1st to February 29th, 2024. Please check up on the yearly schedule as below.

Please contact the Secretariat for any inquiry via email to the below account only.

We are looking forward to your active participation.

Thank you.

Attachment. Sample of Google Form

Please refer to the attachment for preparing the answers.

All criteria are mandatory, so if you don't put an answer, you cannot go forward to the next questions. 

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